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Herpetologic – An Excellent Reptile Resource

It can be difficult to find reliable, accurate, and up-to-date reptile and amphibian information online but that’s exactly what aimed to do and here at The Reptile Room, we’re trying to carry on that tradition.

But what was Herpetologic all about?

What Was Herpetologic?

Herpetologic was a clever twist on herpetology or the study of reptiles and amphibians. The field of herpetology is how reptile enthusiasts came be called “herpers” and it’s also why tracking down reptiles in the wild is often called “going herping”.

Personally, I love the name!

Herpetologic was started by Sean Stewart who had more than two decades of reptile and amphibian experience when he started the website. Stewart’s background included breeding, study, husbandry, collection, and just about anything else you could think of when it came to collecting and keeping reptiles and amphibians. He also sold herps on his website and specialized in the poison dart frogs.

Stewart was also a well-known authority on poison dart frog species and shared care sheets and other helpful information on poison dart frogs and many other species.

In addition to providing reptiles and amphibians to recreation-focused herp hobbyists, he also provided a variety of species to large organizations including zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens, and more. Organizations from across the globe worked with Stewart to acquire rare reptiles and amphibians.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Sean Stewart or any business entity or activity that was or is currently associated with

What Kind Of Information Did Herpetologic Share?

Beyond care sheets, questions and sales, Herpetologic also shared a variety of pictures that have been helpful to herpers around the world as they work to identify and share their favorite species. We don’t have access to the original images the Stewart created, but we have found similar images across the web that we’d like to share here:

Yellow-Banded Poison Dart Frog (Dendrobates leucomelas)

Frogs may have a mix of bands and spots. Unfortunately, I can’t offer only one or the other and you’ll receive whatever is available.

Strawberry Poison Dart Frog (Oophaga pumilio)

Oophaga pumilio

The Zimmerman’s Poison Frog (Ranitomeya variabilis)

Ranitomeya variabilis

Green Tree Boa

green tree boa

What Is The Reptile Room About?

Carrying on the spirit of Herpetologic, we’re all about sharing helpful, interesting and actionable information with the herping community. My name is Christopher Stills, and I’ve been working with herps for more than 2 decades at this point.

While my specialization is more focused on reptiles like snakes, leopard geckos and others, I still have my fair share of experience with frogs and amphibians. I also work with veterinarians and veterinary technicians to make sure we have a wide range of experts in order to provide the best information possible.

It doesn’t matter if you want to learn more about how fast snakes can slither, whether they slither at all, or whether or not they have teeth our goal is to provide the answer to just about herp question you can think of. Sure, that little sample was all snake focused but we plan on covering both¬†wild and pet species of reptiles and here’s a quick overview of where we’re going in the next few months:

Leopard Geckos

We absolutely love leopard geckos and they’re one of the most popular herps for a reason!

While leopard geckos are often associated with pet stores, that’s obviously not their natural habitat, and by understanding where leos really come from keepers can provide care for these hardy but still sensitive creatures.


I’ve focused a lot of my studies on reptile intelligence but have also looked at amphibian intelligence too. While snakes usually steal the show when it comes to intelligence, we’ll be looking all types of species as many have unique displays of intelligence that unexpected by most people.

Bearded Dragons

You can’t talk about the reptile hobbyist without covering bearded dragons and you can expect a special focus here.

Care Sheets

Care sheets are like the one-stop shop for everything you need to know about a particular species. They’re a great way to not only learn more about species you already keep but also a great way to learn more about a species you’re considering.

I not only love writing care sheets but I often read them as a hobby!

A Whole Lot More!

That’s just the tip of the tail and you can expect a whole lot more from The Reptile Room over the coming years and months. While Herpetologic is no longer active, we hope to join the collection of amazing websites that help herpers learn everything they need to know about husbandry for these amazing creatures!