Editorial Guidelines

About The Reptile Room 🦎

Our mission is to help educate the world about reptiles.

Whether that’s helping a first-time herper take better care of their leopard gecko or teaching someone about the sleeping habits of alligators we believe that the more people know about the reptiles around them, the more they’ll care and conserve. 

We also think reptiles should be fun- and they’re certainly fun for us. 

That’s why we create content about the fastest snake or the number of reptiles that roar. We believe that education, whether fun and casual or focused and practical will create a better world for people and reptiles. 

Today, we work with a large team of veterinarians, veterinary technicians, biologists, zoologists, and experienced keepers to produce the best information possible. 

The Reptile Room isn’t sponsored by any major company or brand. The ads you see keep our site live and support our team. 

Editorial Principles 📝

Goals without a plan are just ideas. 

So how do we achieve our goal of producing the best reptile content on the internet? Here’s our plan: 

🐍 All new content that appears on The Reptile Room is reviewed by an experienced expert. That could be Alec Jarboe sharing his hands-on experience exploring alligator nests or veterinarian Dr. Mohsin Iqbal explaining the ideal humidity for a leopard gecko. The world of reptiles is diverse and so are the experts we work with! 

🐍 All articles are written by people with extensive reptile experience. They may be certified veterinary technicians with exotic experience or avid herps that have been keeping reptiles for years. Either way, we work with people that know their stuff. 

🐍 Older content is constantly being updated and reviewed by those same experts so we make sure all our content meets our high editorial standards. 

🐍 We welcome feedback. No one is perfect, but it is important to try. We’re happy to hear any feedback from our readers and we’re always trying to get better. 

Content Review Process 🔍

Here’s what our content review process looks like:

1. Once one of our expert writers creates an article, it goes to the editing team for review.

2. After it’s reviewed by our editors, we send it over to one or more of our experienced experts for review. The type of reviewer will depend on the type of article. 

3. The article is once again sent to an editor for an additional review.

4. The article is published and The Reptile Room readers get to enjoy! 

What Do You Think? 📞

We always welcome your feedback! Tell us what you loved or tell us what you think we could do better by emailing Editor@TheReptileRoom.net.