Do Alligators/Crocodiles Like Spring Water?

Do Alligators or Crocodiles Like Spring Water

Alligators and crocodiles are intimidating and elusive reptiles.  If you didn’t grow up around these scaly beasts, you probably don’t know much about where to find them and what to be on guard for.  Alligators and crocodiles have very different ranges with similar habitats.  They like pretty similar types and temperatures of water.

So, do alligators/crocodiles like spring water?

Alligators and crocodiles have different preferences for water types,  however, it’s not common to find them in natural springs.  Natural springs are extremely hot or cold and are usually fenced off by humans.  But, both crocs and gators can be found in almost any body of water so you should never count them out!   

Let’s talk about why you probably won’t see these ancient reptiles in spring water, and where you might need to look out for them instead!

What Are Springs And Where Can You Find Them?

Natural springs are amazing natural sources of water that occur all over the world.  A spring is basically an exit point where fresh groundwater flows up and out of an aquifer.  Springs are not only important natural sources of freshwater but are historically very spiritual and religious places.

Springs are found all over the world.  There are many different types of springs.  One that you may be familiar with is hot springs.  These springs have water that is heated by geothermal processes.  In general, most springs are made up of cold water!

Where Can You Find Alligators In The Wild?

Sadly, there are only two species of alligators left in the world.  The American alligator is found only in the U.S. from the Carolinas to Texas.  Chinese alligators are only found in a small part of northeast China on the Yangtze river.

Alligators usually spend their time in freshwater rivers that flow slowly.  They can also be found in lakes, ponds, and swamps.

Because alligators can both swim and walk, it’s not unusual to find alligators in creative places.  Alligators have been known to haunt manmade features such as large pools or even koi ponds!

What Kind of Water Do Alligators Like To Be In?

Alligators are only found in very specific types of water.

Alligators won’t usually be found in rivers with rapids.  Gators are good swimmers, but can’t navigate shallow rocky terrains when a lot of water is moving by.  You also won’t find alligators in salt water.  These reptiles live exclusively in freshwater.

Generally, alligators like to be in cool to warm freshwater.  However, if given the choice, alligators will stay in warmer water!  On a nice day, you might catch them sleeping on a warm riverbank.  They like standing or slow-moving after the best.

Do Alligators Like Spring Water?

In theory, alligators have no issues with spring water.

If we ignore hot springs, most springs would actually be a nice place for an alligator to hang out.  The water is fresh, cool, and doesn’t move fast.  Alligators like spring water because it’s similar to the other environments they’re often found in.  But, springs might be a little too cold for most alligators to relax in year-round.

One thing that will definitely deter alligators from many springs is the presence of humans and fences.  When a spring is populated by a large number of people, usually, an alligator will want to get away.  Plus, if the spring is fenced off, it will be hard for the alligator to get in there at all.

However, just because people are around doesn’t mean an alligator will swim away.  This video shows a nature park in Florida that had just opened.  You can see a very large alligator in the video with the man snorkeling right by.

Where Can You Find Crocodiles In The Wild?

Crocodiles are large semi-aquatic beasts that are found all over the world. These reptiles are found in Asia, Australia, Africa, North America, and South America.  There are tons of different species of crocodiles found in the wild.  They’re distinguishable from alligators because of their size, color, and snout shape.

So, if you’re anywhere near a body of water on these continents, make sure to look into local species.  Crocodiles aren’t everywhere, but people are usually pretty aware when they inhabit an area.

What Kind Of Water Do Crocodiles Like To Be In?

Crocodiles are a bit different than alligators because they can tolerate both fresh and salt water.

Crocodiles can be found in rivers, streams, lagoons, bays, coves, and even the open ocean.   Saltwater crocodiles or “salties” that are found in both Asia and Australia spend as much time in the ocean as they do in freshwater.  Even though crocodiles are larger than alligators, they still prefer cool to warm water temperatures.  Freezing cold water isn’t where you’ll find a croc.

Do Crocodiles Like Spring Water?

It seems less likely that you would find a crocodile in a natural spring.

While crocodiles are more widespread and mobile than alligators, they also have more choices for habitat.  Because crocodiles aren’t restricted to freshwater, they can use the coastline to travel from spot to spot.  The same deterrents of crowds and fencing also apply to crocodiles in the same way they do to alligators.

But, don’t count them out!  It’s possible for a crocodile to be present in any body of water.  Luckily, if you do spot a croc in a spring nearby, hopefully, the water is clear enough for you to avoid them a long way off.

Final Thoughts

Alligators and crocodiles are large reptiles that can’t be contained to just one geographical area.  These reptiles live in streams, lagoons, ponds, swamps, and even in the ocean.

While natural springs aren’t the most obvious hangout place for a crocodile or alligator, you still might find one there.  If you’re concerned about the presence of alligators or crocodiles in the wild, always make sure to do your research and chat with the locals in the area before doing any adventuring on your own!